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The 7 best reasons to visit Ecuador

The 7 best reasons to visit Ecuador

The 7 best reasons to visit Ecuador

The 7 best reasons to visit Ecuador

Reasons Why you Should visit Ecuador


Ecuador is a small country that is situated on the West Coast of South America, with a part of it crossing the equator. While travelers pay more attention to other South American countries, Ecuador is a nation that goes under the radar. It is becoming one of the world’s up-and-coming tourist destinations and for a good reason.

Every year, this great country is capturing the imagination of more travel enthusiasts. It is home to arguably the most extraordinary wildlife that can be found on the planet. Ecuador brings various other surprises like breathtaking peaks and fascinating culture.

Ecuador is home to a diversity of cultures and is among the most bio-diverse countries in the world. There are things to do, see, and taste, which makes Ecuador the perfect destination for the ones who would like to experience a vibrant way of traveling. The following are the reasons that will convince you to visit this amazing country.

1. Ecuador is Crossed by the Equatorial Line

You must have imagined staying in the Middle of the World. There is the Equatorial Monument located at the latitude 00°00’00”, and it is obviously a place that you must visit as a traveler. This monument commemorates the first Geodesic Mission by the French Academy of Sciences and has become a perfect destination for you to experience the two hemispheres at the same time.

One can balance an egg on top of a needle and avail a chance to learn more about the science that is behind the rotation of the Earth and its effects on our everyday life, such as the Coriolis Effect. Ecuador is also known to be blessed with a rich ancient culture; therefore, you would like to know everything about it. You can also visit the Inti Ñan solar museum to learn more about Ecuadorian traditions.

Best reasons to visit Ecuador

2. Cotopaxi, the Highest Snowy Volcano in the World

Many people are not aware that Ecuador has one of the highest snow-capped volcanoes in the world. Cotopaxi  Volcano is at an altitude of 5,897 meters high and can be seen from Quito on a road trip from Quito to Otavalo.
This mountain has a high altitude and an extreme climate; therefore, climbing this volcano requires strong physical capability and mountaineering techniques. You will be required to follow a licensed guide if you really have decided to trek to the top of the mountain for a dreamy view of the sunrise. No doubt, this is one of the best reasons to visit Ecuador!

Best reasons to visit Ecuador

3. A Delicious Cuisine!

Food is also very diverse in Ecuador, and the best dishes basically depend on the region. There are local cuisines with their own flavors and twists, seafood on the coast, soups, street food and meat in the Andes, and also the famous drink Chicha.
With the unique location, unspoiled countryside, moderate climate, and farmers market, it is guaranteed that you will have the best fruit and juices that you have ever had. The local delicacy is roasted guinea pigs, and it can be found in the restaurants in Quito and the countryside. The famous dishes in the Amazon rainforest include fish, yucca, exotic fruits, and delicious local chocolate.

Best Reasons to visit Ecuador

4. A Gorgeous Coastal Region!

There are many people who rave about Galapagos, but Ecuador has more than 2,000 coastlines, that is in the middle with mangrove forests, pristine water, white-sand beaches, and also quaint fishing villages.
You will also happen to see some beautiful beaches in Montanita, Puerto Lopez, and Isla de la Plata, and you will have the opportunity to see the marine-creature watching opportunities. As a traveler, you certainly would like to take it slow and offer yourself enough time to discover Ecuador’s extraordinary coastal region.

Best reasons to visist Ecuador

5. Galapagos Wildlife and its People

The biggest reason to visit Ecuador is the breathtaking biodiversity of Galapagos Island. The geographic location and the unique environment of this island make it the perfect place for travelers to relax and learn.
There you will be able to swim with the sea lions, observe the giant turtles, the local blue-footed boobies, marine iguana, penguins, white-tip sharks, manta rays, and much more. Besides the wildlife, you can also travel in boats to appreciate the Galapagos Islands’ incredible land formations and explore the real beauty of this UNESCO world heritage site.

Despite around half of its people living under the poverty level, most of the locals in Ecuador are very generous and happy. They will greet you with patience and will talk to you in an amicable way, even if you have a hard time speaking their language. They are very proud of their traditions and share those with everybody.
You will be seeing the people smiling in the countryside and the bus station, and they will try to chat with you and help you with the directions if you are lost. They are very welcoming people, curious, and slowly take a thing, which teaches you kindness, patience, and makes you appreciate this beautiful country more.

Best reasons to visit Ecuador

6. Cuenca, a World Heritage site city!

Cuenca is a city in Ecuador that is a traveler’s favorite but does not mistake its namesake in Spain. Many people consider Cuenca to be a relaxed place, but it is the third-largest city in Ecuador. The main reason for the visit to Cuenca is the stunning El Cajas National Park, home to the lush scenic views, and the cloud forest trails.
There is a lot more to be found in Cuenca, from the rustic churches to Panama hats to music, no doubt that this city is a cultural coup for the tourists. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular among expatriates and retires because this city is charming and safe.


Best Reasons to visit Ecuador

7. Climate, the Best Reason

What is the best time to travel to Ecuador? For most Ecuadorians, this question may seem nonsense. This is because there is only one season due to its location, so all year round is the best time to travel to Ecuador and Galapagos Islands. However, the climate and the change in temperatures occur among different regions and altitudes. Although it can be very variable on the same day, it is usually very pleasant with a feeling that is called eternal spring.
The temperatures in Ecuador don’t change very much throughout the year, so the seasons of spring, summer, winter, and fall pass unnoticed. So, you can enjoy nature, explore the Andes mountains or sail to the Galapagos Islands at any time you wish.

Best reasons to visit Ecuador

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