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We know nobody likes buying insurance. We also realize that nobody ever expects an emergency to happen when traveling, but it does happen. This is why Latin Adventures Cia Ltd. offers travel insurance through BACASSIST, a global leader in providing travel insurance options. @BacAssist insurance can cover a wide range of adventure activities and 25 years of experience in the travel insurance market. You never know when a family member may take ill at home, or you may get injured while you are traveling!


This includes a requirement for medical evacuation and repatriation, meaning if you need to fly back home, the costs should be covered by your insurance. While medical insurance is mandatory, cancellation insurance is at your discretion.

However, bags get lost, flights get canceled and plans change. We strongly encourage everyone to have cancellation insurance coverage as well. This means if you break your leg the week before your trip, you will probably be covered, instead of losing all your money for your dream vacation. 

Thank you for your comprehension!

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Get the best of your vacations Latin Adventures guides Galapagos is one of the most cherished destinations. Over the years, our staff has explored these islands in-depth by discovering the best inlets and coastlines, cruises, accommodations, restaurants, and much more for you. Our intimate and vast knowledge of the Galapagos allows us to curate the

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