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Galapagos Islands Diving Land Tours

Top 5 Best Dive Sites in the Galapagos

Top 5 Best Dive Sites in the Galapagos

Galapagos Islands Diving Land Tours

Galapagos Islands, the Best spot for Scuba Diving!

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands that can be found on either side of the equator, within the Pacific Ocean. These islands are approximately 563 miles west of Ecuador. This incredibly isolated group of islands has a fragile ecosystem and has gained mythical status because of the remarkable biodiversity.

There are several great diving sites within the Galapagos Islands, almost too many for one to choose from. These Galapagos diving sites tend to be volcanic in nature, with a few corals scattered here and there. The top scuba Galapagos diving sites are distant or spread out; therefore, joining a liveaboard is the best possible way to experience the archipelago fully.

Top 5 Best Dive Sites in Galapagos you Should never Miss!

You will never see a dull moment when you visit the Galapagos. Whether you plan to take a full-day trip to scuba diving or you are planning a liveaboard diving adventure in the Galapagos. The following are the top 5 best dive sites within the Galapagos that should never be missed.

1. Gordon Rocks

The Gordon Rocks have got to be number one on the list and is a favorite dive site for many people in the Galapagos Islands. It is known as ‘Washing-Machine’ by the locals, and this particular site is only recommended for advanced scuba divers and above.

The Gordon Rocks are situated in the gigantic volcanic crater with a sandy bottom. This diving site is very well known for its super-strong currents that happen to blow between the large pinnacles of rock, and this can make the dives tricky for even the most accomplished of the divers.

This particular site is home to some of the most magnificent marine life that can be seen on the planet, from the large numbers of golden rays to the schools of hammerhead sharks, turtles, string rays, barracudas, moray eels, and even the majestic manta ray that can be seen at times. For an advanced diver who dives on a regular basis, this dive site should never be missed.

Top 5 dive sites in the Galapagos

2. Seymour Channel

North Seymour is situated on the North of the main island of Santa Cruz, and it is made up of two very beautiful dive sites. This site should not be missed as it is perfect for scuba divers of all levels. Other than that, you will be able to see the sea lions, incredible turtles, eagle rays, a large number of reef fish, and most certainly, you might get a chance to see the endemic Galapagos garden eels.

If you look at the site near, you will be thinking that you are looking at the marine vegetation, but in fact, there are maybe thousands of garden eels that cover the seabed at these locations. Also, hundreds of white-tip reef sharks can be found at their ‘cleaning stations,’ as well as you might also be able to see the schools of hammerhead sharks.

Top 5 dive sites in the Galapagos

3. Daphne Island

This island is located between the Santiago and Santa Cruz Islands. Many tourists are restricted from visiting both Daphne Major and Daphne Minor by the Galapagos National Park, but it is the visit to the dive sites surrounding these islands that should never be missed by any diver.

Daphne Major is home to the remnants of bombshells and machinery of US World War 2, and these are superb to look at. This dive is typically a drift dive where one is able to see coral walls, reef fish, white tip reef sharks, moray eels, a large number of tuna, and sea turtles. Daphne Major is also home to the caves, walls, slopes, and platforms, which make a superb exploring experience.

Daphne Minor also offers a similar experience as the Daphne Major, with different underwater remains where the lava used to flow. The currents that are found at these dive sites are minimal to moderate; this allows the fledging divers to practice their skills or even be a part of the drift dive.

Top 5 dive sites in the Galapagos

4. Kicker Rock Isle

Kicker Rock is located just off the San Cristobal Island and is basically made up of two rocks jutting out of water. Its name is given because of the remarkable resemblance to the shoe or a boot. Kicker Rock is excellent for both scuba and snorkeling; therefore, if you want to take a day off from diving and are still desperate to get into the water, then Kicker Rock is the ideal location.

When you dive or snorkel between the two rocks, you will be following an incline of boulders, and divers will be getting a chance to see a variety of fish that includes starfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, wrasses, and Galapagos sharks or hammerheads. This is a very enjoyable and slow dive, but one should be prepared as the currents can pick up almost in a very little time.

Top 5 dive sites in the Galapagos

5. Wolf Island

Wolf Island, together with the nearby Darwin Island, is considered to be a focal point of any dive trip to the Galapagos, and any high-quality Ecuadorian diving charter will not overlook this area. Like Darwin Island, there are no land visits permitted in this area, but the birds such as the Red-roofed boobies and vampire finches can also be spotted from the boat.

With the hammerheads’ sightings, the schooling pelagics are the main draw, whereas Whitetip and Galapagos sharks are also common. Like the Darwin Islands, here, the whale sharks may also be seen during the diving season of May to November. The divers must be on the lookout for the barracudas, red-lipped batfish, moray eels, and also a number of dolphins.

Top 5 dive sites in the Galapagos

With so many epic diving sites, it is not possible for any diver to resist the Galapagos’ temptation. It will be best for you to plan your trip carefully for a hassle-free journey of a lifetime. By doing a little research, one will be able to find out what the Galapagos charters and programs will be offering, and then one can plan the dives in advance.

Are you ready to check the Galapagos Diving tour options on your bucket list? We’d love to help you plan the perfect Galapagos Islands vacation!

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